Our Customers

We work with engineering teams across the globe to test and deploy our SDK’s into upcoming vehicle programmes.

SDK’s standardised for consistency, flexible to meet customer needs

Our SDKs are developed and supplied to leading automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and technology integrators. We work collaboratively with teams at different stages of vehicle development and enjoy working with leading industry experts.

Being a customer

We see our customers as partners. We work closely with teams to test, validate and deploy our SDK’s on production vehicle programmes tailored to your specification and requirements.

Our SDK’s are licenced on a licence fee and royalty model, depending on implementation type and forecast unit production numbers.  We are passionate about supporting the industry move to electrification.

Collaboration with technology integrators

Our range prediction technology has been used by satellite navigation and routing providers, as well as aftermarket applications for telematics, fleet providers and chargepoint operators.

What we can achieve together

Spark EV’s SDKs offer personalised journey prediction software for EVs of all sizes.

Range prediction within seconds

Your customers expect speed, and our software development kits provide readings in 4 seconds.

Enhanced journey prediction accuracy

Precise predictions based on live data and machine learning algorithms to alleviate range and chargepoint anxiety for EV drivers.

Intuitive UI options

Our technology provides the data for your UI to show the driver either as a journey prediction, range number, or as a map overlay.

The full range

Assure SDK

Personalised journey predictions based on driver behaviour, live vehicle data and machine learning.

Flow SDK

Core prediction engine enabling live map visualisation of range boundaries, tailored to individual users and vehicle modes.

Fleet SDK

Scalable multi-drop EV planner with dispatch API, optimising the efficiency of eMobility fleets.

Our Partners

A cleaner future of transport relies on collaboration. We work with the world’s best machine learning academics and industry experts to improve our technology and push eMobility forward.

What others have said

“Spark’s innovative technology is therefore perfectly placed to help increase EV adoption and we’re excited about helping the team to accelerate its development to become a leader in intelligent mobility.”

Director | Connected Places Catapult

Collaborate on your next EV

Developing our technology has given us the opportunity to work with leading OEM, Tier 1 and technology integrators over the years.  If you are developing a new EV and are interested in our technology, please contact us.


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