Intelligent Range Prediction Technology

Our software development kits improve range accuracy in electric and hybrid vehicles of all sizes.

Solving a problem holding EV back

Predicting the potential range of electric and hybrid vehicles through general data sets leads to reckless, inaccurate readings and unconfident end-users. Our technology uses live on-vehicle data, driver behaviour and external route information to enhance vehicle efficiency, maximise the utilisation of your vehicle’s battery capacity and increase brand trust.

Why Spark?

Built through international support

Over three years of real-world trials working with leading OEMs and Tier 1 and mapping suppliers informed development of our patented technology and have provided the insights that set our solutions apart.

Validated by industry experts

Our partnerships with world-renowned machine learning academics and industry leaders have helped to develop a reliable, accurate intelligent range management system.

Seamless deployment and integration

Our solutions are deployed via flexible software development kits, which provides everything needed to integrate our technology within your infotainment systems and aftermarket applications.

Tried & tested


In co-ordination with market leaders, with a focus on industry-leading accuracy and personalisation.


Over three years of real world trials across Asia, Europe and North America, through various weather conditions and terrains.


We are typically 10x more accurate than existing EV in-vehicle systems

The full range

Assure SDK

Personalised journey energy predictions based on driver behaviour, live vehicle data and machine learning.

Flow SDK

Core prediction engine enabling live map visualisation of range boundaries, tailored to individual users and vehicle modes.

Fleet SDK

Scalable multi-drop EV planner with dispatch API, optimising the efficiency of eMobility fleets.

What others have said

“This technology would help us build trust with customers during the demo period, helping convert those who currently worry about the range of our vehicles”​

Technology Development Lead | Japanese OEM​

Set the wheels in motion

Spark a conversation now to learn more about how our technology can enhance your eMobility solution.


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