Commercial Vehicles

Our SDK gives fleets the ability to plan and utilise EVs efficiently to enhance utilisation and reduce operation downtime.

Preparing fleets for the future

Fleets of eBikes, vans and trucks are making the move to electric.  Ensuring duty cycles and customer demands and met, on schedule is paramount to fleet efficiency.  Accurately predicting energy for each journey and driver, enables fleets to plan and deploy EVs seamlessly. Our technology is used to accelerate EV fleet adoption through sophisticated route and chargepoint planning to automatic dispatch.

Enhancing fleet utilisation

Spark’s solutions predict energy for each journey utilising live data from the driver, vehicle, atmospherics, and other data points.  Each prediction is based on a driver and EV combination utilising machine learning algorithms to enhance the prediction accuracy with each completed journey.  Our Fleet tools can be used for single or multiple journeys. Our solutions can be deployed on vehicle as part of the IVI or as an aftermarket mobile application, tailored to your requirements.

Fleet managers can see live driver efficiency metrics, availability, and current state of charge of each EV in their fleet through our dashboard. 

Our Fleet SDK delivers enhanced fleet visibility and utilisation.

The full range

Assure SDK

Personalised journey energy predictions based on driver behaviour, live vehicle data and machine learning.

Flow SDK

Predicting energy for all routes, in each direction displayed through live range boundaries, tailored to individual users and vehicle modes.

Fleet SDK

Scalable multi-drop EV planner with dispatch API, optimising the efficiency of eMobility fleets.

What others have said

“Spark’s innovative technology and vision aligns closely with our own aims for electric vehicles, and by running real-world trials we have evaluated the potential of its solution and the benefits it brings.”

Head of Powertrain Department | Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center

Set the wheels in motion

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