Flow SDK

Personalised map display that calculates your range boundary in all directions.

Enabling scalable live visual representation of a vehicle’s potential range.

Flow utilises live data to calculate the energy costs for each node or junction.  This energy calculation is displayed on a live map to determine how far each driver can go without the need of entering a journey into the Satellite Navigation System.  Drivers can get in and go, knowing the distance that their vehicle is capable of, displayed as a map overlay and as an accurate range number in miles or kilometres.

Flow utilises live traffic, weather data and more to display a map boundary, complete with available charge points, highlighting range boundaries for both 20% and 0% remaining state of charge.

Deployed in vehicle or in the cloud

Our black box model encapsulates both our core prediction engine and machine learning to make predictions either through cloud implementation or by embedding the SDK into your vehicle’s operating system.

Flow learns about driver efficiency and route habits, tailoring each map boundary to each driver using their EV. Flow utilises live data to make predictions of how far the driver and EV can travel without having to even enter a route on their navigation system. This results in an instant gauge for the live range capacity as a map or accurate range number. Charge point providers can also be integrated to enable reliable journey and charge planning.

Built to solve industry challenges

Flow frees drivers from uncertain journeys and optimises the eMobility experience.

Predictions drivers rely on

Flow calculates the energy for all road nodes giving drivers more trust in your vehicle and brand, allowing them to plan journeys faster, more efficiently and with the confidence.

Detailed visual range representation

Your customers demand a rich in-vehicle infotainment experience that can tell them how far they can travel on a single charge. A clearly defined map visualisation and range number bespoke to the user gives drivers confidence in their journey, and in your brand.

Speed that enhances end-user experience

Today’s eMobility users require solutions that never make them wait. Flow enables a visual range boundary instantaneously, perfect for keeping your customers travelling.

Vehicle intelligence for every journey

Flow personalises the range boundary to each user of the vehicle, based on vehicle efficiency, usage data and route habits. Drivers feel confident using Flow for everyday errands as well as long journeys.

Features and capabilities

Flow utilises our core prediction engine to optimise your vehicle’s journey planning capabilities, either on-vehicle or through the cloud, enabling you to provide end-users with a live, dynamic map and range number.


  • For automotive operating systems
  • Individual driver profiles
  • Low resource requirements
  • Fast prediction times
  • Native C++ for optimal execution
  • Core prediction engine and machine learning – black box model
  • Example integrations as source code
  • Can be adapted to many 3rd party routing and weather data sources
  • Comprehensive set of APIs: Driver registration, & boundary range predictions


  • C#/.NET implementation
  • Individual driver profiles
  • Scalable solution
  • Encrypted data storage and transmission
  • Example Azure implementation
  • Core prediction engine and machine learning – black box model
  • Example integrations as C# source code
  • Example visualisations
  • Can be adapted to many 3rd party routing and weather data sources
  • Comprehensive set of APIs: Driver and vehicle registration, Journey predictions & Driver metrics
  • Configurable number of boundary points

What others have said

“Our trial with Spark EV helped to increase our understanding of how technology could help reduce consumer range anxiety, especially for new EV drivers.”

 Innovation Director | BP

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