Spark EV Technology, global leader in energy management and range prediction solutions, has announced that it is now offering its patented technology on Android Automotive OS, helping more vehicle OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to provide highly accurate range predictions to drivers of electric vehicles.

Spark’s solutions use live data and machine learning algorithms tailored to each vehicle and driver to provide accurate on-board range predictions for electric vehicles of all sizes – from e-bikes to e-trucks – helping drivers to trust that their electric vehicle won’t suddenly run out of charge.

Justin Ott, CEO and founder of Spark EV Technology, said: “Several customers are now moving to AAOS and have requested that our solutions support this platform. Having completed development work, we are now moving to integrate Assure and Flow onto a live vehicle demonstrator in the next couple of months. This technology provides customers with the option to run our prediction engine and machine learning embedded on AAOS or via their cloud based provider.”

Android Automotive OS is Google’s operating system which is designed to be used in a vehicle’s dashboard to support developers and car manufacturers to handle a number of tasks such as infotainment, navigation, audio and heating and cooling to mention a few. The technology has already been adopted by a number of car manufacturers, including Volvo and Volkswagen, and there are plans for many more to use it in the future.

“With many vehicle manufacturers moving towards electric products, as well as planning on using Android Automotive OS on their products in the future, Spark felt it was only natural to align our technology to this platform,” added Ott.


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