Leading energy optimisation and range prediction specialist, Spark EV Technology, is working with Swedish vehicle manufacturer, Scania, in a joint pilot to prepare trucking companies and fleet owners for the transition to electric. The collaboration is through the Nordic-based venture client initiative Combient Foundry, which speeds up industrial innovation through business partnerships.

Testing is now underway, with Spark EV Technology using its machine learning model for energy and range prediction to accurately calculate how much energy a zero-emission vehicle will use to complete a certain route, drawing on data from the vehicle, the environment and driver behaviour.

Spark EV Technology is using the data collected to help tackle some of the most common stumbling blocks fleet operators and truck companies face when switching to electric, such as range anxiety, vehicle downtime and lack of confidence in charge network abilities.

Scania project manager, Erik Bråvander, commented on the new pilot: “Spark EV Technology has a sophisticated model that takes a lot of different data points and perspectives into consideration, such as how the vehicle and driver are behaving, traffic conditions, the topography of the route and impact of the weather.”

Richard Welford, chief commercial officer of Spark EV Technology, added: “We know that range accuracy, vehicle specification and an effective charging strategy can have a significant impact on the commercial viability of a transition to a BEV (battery electric vehicle) fleet. Through Combient Foundry, and our relationship with Scania, we are demonstrating how machine learning technology deployed both on- and off-vehicle can provide fleet operators and drivers with essential insights regarding their planned journeys.”

The Combient Foundry connects fast-growing start-ups and scale-ups with multi-national, large corporations through pilot schemes, opening opportunities for supplier or partner relationships. The initiative leverages technical expertise with business strategy and enterprise, opening access to new markets and customers.

Erik Bråvander said: “Combient Foundry helps quicken the time to market of new innovations and means companies can work together to help our customers shape their electrification strategies. Ultimately, it can be a catalyst to the transition that Scania and the transport industry must make to achieve a sustainable transport system.”

 The Combient Foundry will also work with two other start-up projects to accelerate advancements in electrification.

For more information about Scania, visit https://www.scania.com/


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